Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tiger Cub

Well today John took Sean to sign up for Scouts!  I am excited for them----we will see how it goes and I am certainly praying for a certain way!   They bought the Tiger Cub book, Shirt, little bandana, and the little thing that holds the bandana closed ? no idea what it is called, his belt, cap and badges that I will be sewing on his shirt hopefully sometime this weekend!!!! Tonight was football practice so after we got home and ate dinner (yes, late for dinner but he will get sick if he eats close to practice so he eats as soon as he gets home from school and then again after practice) we read the first section which was safety scenarios which all of them are like a parents worst nightmare but to tell ya the truth there were only a few of them that I have really ever discussed with him!  I was very impressed with the scenarios and honestly it was stuff that we should have already discussed.  I read him the scenarios and asked him what he would do in each situation and you could see the wheels turning just by his expressions on his face----I got to one and it stated---you are walking to school in the rain and someone driving by stops and asks if you want a ride to school? What would you do? What would you do if they persist?  He said No and I said well what if they persist?  He laid there for a few seconds and said what does persist mean?  I said they just keep on asking.......they say come one I have some candy and transformers you can play with....He said No leave me alone!  I threw all kinds of his favorite things at him and he kept saying NO!  He paused again and said that is why you do not want me walking to and from school!  Exactly why!  There was one where you are at a park and someone comes up and wants you to help them find their lost puppy.....what do you do?  Well his initial response was well it would be nice to help them....same response if someone asked him to help them carry in their groceries!  I could actually picture him going to help them and that scared me to death! We had a long discussion on what he should do and why it is not safe.  There are some more scenarios and they are very graphic if ya know what I mean but they honestly were things that I should have already discussed with him but trying to protect him just did not talk about but it is not protecting him; it could be hurting him not discussing these things no matter how much we do not want to think about it happening to our kids we do live in the real world and unfortunately bad things can happen!  I am so glad we discussed these topics tonight and he has had a long day but he listened and I could actually tell by his little facial expressions that he was actually thinking things through it wasn't like okay mom lets hurry up I am tired!  He actually said lets read this book every night and he has never wanted to do that with any book----well other then parts of his bible he likes to continuously read.

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